TwoReality is a virtual reality company that designs and produces applications for virtual glasses, mobile devices, and augmented reality for organizations and virtual reality events. This stratup was created in 2010 with the aim of helping companies create virtual reality actions.

The company develops digital content adaptable to the devices that organizations want to use and simulate the effective reality. To do this, in each project they select the best available technology for virtual glasses and implement the virtual realism app for Oculus QUEST, Oculus Rift, Microsofy HoloLens, HTC Vive and Cardboard.

The evolution of computer technologies has made possible to navigate photorealistic environments in real time, as well as the interaction with the objects included in these environments. Likewise, TwoReality develops the digital contents that will be displayed in 360 videos and 3D modeling in 360° for companies.

TwoReality has a wide range of products as it seeks to adapt to the needs of each organization. Among them we highlight: 360 videos, virtual reality for groups, virtual experiences, virtual tours, live streaming 360 and augmented reality services.

As a Virtual and Augmented Reality company, TwoReality brings together different profiles of professionals as well as engineers, 3D modelers, Video Makers and photographers. It is a multi-disciplinary team that works together based on the strategy and objectives of each of its clients’ virtual and augmented reality projects.

The startup highlights having built a portfolio of recognized virtual realism experiences thanks to the team at the forefront of the production of high-quality content.

TwoReality develops experiences that provide a face-to-face sensation, which takes place when the user is immersed and lost in the virtual world, thus forgetting what he is seeing is not real and being immersed and captivated by the realism that our products provoke.

The stratup manages to immerse the user creating a true virtual realism experience through the VR development of applications for virtual glasses.