Oreyeon is an artificial intelligence startup specialized in the development and innovation of airport solutions with a focus on aviation safety.

Oreyeon has developed a modern, low-impact (to ops), cost-effective approach to building data-driven and automated awareness of the airfield’s condition. Their first goal is re-imagining airport security by implementing proactive safety features, eliminating Human error and reducing costs through the use of Artificial Intelligence.

With the increasement worldwide connectivity and concerns about security, Foreign Object Debris (FOD) risks have become a major threat to the aviation industry. Oreyeon, aims to bridge the gap between human performances and security requirements to ensure safer aerodromes.

Oreyeon’s runway surface monitoring system (RSMS) is a solution based on artificial intelligence. It enables real time detection of FODs, cracks, potholes, damaged joints and vegetation on airfields. All findings are instantly stored in a database that generates reports, which are then automatically sent to safety officers and FOD managers.

Their main technological characteristics are:

  • Accuracy: +90% accuracy rate, advanced neural network and high accuracy at high speed.
  • Multi-functionality: Full detection, cracks and potholes, tracking measurement, FOD Classification and Data Analytics.
  • Versatility: Flexible and scalable, platform agnostic and all-weather conditions.
  • Convenience: a network of connected systems with less than 5 minutes scan time.