Feniks Gaming is a startup created in 2017 based in Tallinn, Estonia that offers an easy-to-use and hassle-free solution on the eSports platform for the education of society.

The company aims to educate children aged 12 to 18 through video games, playing with awareness about climate change and the impact on the ecosystem by providing a great experience with rewarding benefits to all users, regardless of the game, their level or their abilities. One of the company’s actions is in Mind Craft, where the goal is to build a smart city with new solutions that will be evaluated by a jury. The winner of this initiative will have the opportunity to access a student scholarship.

The first pilot was launched for 12-16 years old and after it was tried in colleges and universities.

The company’s mission is to create an educational platform for eSports. To do this, it makes use of the platform and the common interest of the target around games and esports to educate and connect young people worldwide working and learning together about climate change.

The educational platform provides 3 levels: Globalization, Exposure to other cultures and languages and Awareness of the climate change.

This company has two initiatives more: ei8htcoind and 8Foundation.

Ei8htcoin token is state of the art ERC-20 based cryptocurrency that allows peer to peer mode of payment and is deployed on decentralized Ethereum blockchain based technology. The currency would be used for daily transactional activities happening within the ei8htcoin financial ecosystem for services being offered on the ei8htcoin platform and can also be used as a peer to peer exchange and store of value between users securely, efficiently at reduced costs.

In the other hand, 8Foundation aims to create a youth center for disadvantage children to have a safe place to play, learn and just have fun.